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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs - Hialeah Florida

IRS back tax forgiveness Hialeah FL

Our expert team of licensed tax professionals help Hialeah taxpayers qualify for convenient IRS back tax forgiveness programs

Taxpayers of Hialeah and Dade County now have a reliable resource for their IRS back tax problems.  With the help of our licensed Florida tax attorneys, local individuals and businesses can resolve their IRS back taxes by any number of affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plans.  If you are a local taxpayer with IRS back taxes, the most important step you can take in resolving them is stepping up and pursuing professional help, as the IRS is willing to work with you if you can prove you are serious about resolving your back taxes.  Don't wait and put your assets and wages at risk, contact the tax law professionals at Pure Tax Resolution to learn more about the convenient IRS back tax forgiveness options available for you!



IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Plans We Offer

IRS Installment Programs

By far the most achievable and common IRS back tax forgiveness option, IRS installment plans are frequently granted by the IRS to Hialeah and Dade County taxpayers with a moderate amount of back taxes.  With the help of our licensed tax attorneys, we can work the IRS to secure an affordable installment plan, where you pay monthly installments to the IRS to settle your tax debt, where in turn the IRS will suspend any collections, liens, and penalties against you.

Offer In Compromise (OIC) Programs

An OIC is simply when the IRS agrees to accept less than you originally owe in back taxes. This IRS back tax forgiveness option isn't granted to everybody, as you must have considerable amount of back taxes, and proof of financial hardship.  Only a licensed tax professional like our team or Hialeah tax attorneys can pursue and achieve an OIC for you.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Programs

A CNC determination is when the IRS determines you are unable to satisfy your back taxes due to extenuating financial and personal hardship.  This is the rarest form of IRS back tax forgiveness, as it suspends or waives your back taxes obligation to the IRS. To achieve this, you must satisfy the proper conditions, and have a qualified and experienced tax attorney to represent you and present your case properly to be considered for a CNC determination.

Other Tax Relief Services We Offer to Hialeah Taxpayers

Tax Penalty Abatement

As your back taxes linger, tax penalties and interest will continue to grow.  Tax penalty abatement is simply the process and method to reduce or eliminate your tax penalties as a result of your tax debt. It requires certain conditions and the expert representation of our tax law professionals. Contact us to learn more about tax penalty abatement and it's an option for you.

Licensed Tax Attorney Representation

Behind any IRS back tax forgiveness plan we secure for our Hialeah clients is the hard work and expertise of our licensed tax attorneys. Only a tax attorney has the unique privileges to negotiate with the highest powers at the IRS and secure an ideal tax settlement for you.

Solutions to Stop Wage Garnishment & Levies

In the cases where delinquent taxes go unsettled for too long, the IRS will exercise a wage garnishment or levy against the taxpayer where their assets and/or wages are seized to satisfy their tax balance.  this is highly intrusive and embarrassing, but can be resolved/prevented with the help of our Hialeah tax professionals. We can stop wage garnishment and levys for Hialeah and Dade County taxpayers if they take action and contact us immediately.

IRS Audit Representation & Defense

IRS audits are very common in South Florida considering the large population of residents and businesses.  When an audit hits, it can be mostly harmless, but they can also be very hazardous if the IRS suspects fraud or criminal activity. Either way, having professional audit representation is crucial to properly settling an audit, and avoiding them.  If you are struggling with an audit, our tax law professionals can provide the representation you need.

Business Tax Resolution, Accounting, & Consulting

Hialeah and Dade County businesses struggling with business tax problems can count on us for expert business tax resolution and consulting.  We can resolve your business tax problems, including payroll tax problems, overstated deductions, and more.  Also, we have an expert team of CPAs and Accountants that offer affordable tax management and accounting solutions to help your business stay compliant and thrive.

Offshore Tax Reporting and FBAR Tax Attorneys

For local residents with offshore tax reporting complications, we have a team of FATCA and FBAR tax attorneys that specialize in offshore tax reporting and consulting.  We can keep you offshore assets safe by helping you stay FBAR and FATCA compliant for the life of your offshore investments.

Professional IRS Back Tax Forgiveness and Tax Relief for Hialeah Taxpayers

We are proud to be a complete resource for tax relief and back tax forgiveness solutions for Hialeah and Dade County taxpayers.  For help with resolving tax problems, we are available to help you today. Contact our office for a free consultation with our President, Tim Halcomb today.


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