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Stop Wage Garnishment - Wage Garnishment Help in Miami, FL

Stop wage garnishment Miami FL

Unfortunately, the IRS has expansive powers to collect what is owed to them, whether you are ready for it or not. Through their most intrusive tactic, wage garnishment or bank levy, the IRS can directly compromise your assets and wages. If you are a Miami-area taxpayer facing an IRS wage garnishment or bank levy, DO NOT ignore the IRS collection letters. The IRS has the ability to bypass any judicial constraints and go after your hard-earned income!

If the IRS decides to issue a wage garnishment of levy they will send you 2 notices to warn of, and exercise a wage garnishment. A CP-297 is the first warning requiring you to act within a certain time period, and a CP-90 is the second and final warning notifying you of an impending wage garnishment. You have two chances, and around 2 months, to stop IRS wage garnishment or bank levies before they are executed against you. If you do not act immediately once receiving these notices, the IRS will contact your employer or bank and begin taking your hard-earned income.

WARNING: The IRS will never attempt to contact you over the phone, their communication is done primarily through official mail.  DO NOT comply with anyone over the phone pretending to be an IRS representative.

How To Stop Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment and levy's can be stopped, but as we've already mentioned, it is absolutely crucial that you consult professional wage garnishment help ASAP. The experienced IRS wage garnishment lawyers at Pure Tax Resolution of Miami have the ability to stop wage garnishment (or bank levy's) immediately. With the prompt delivery of the necessary documents and information, Pure Tax Resolution has the ability to contact the IRS on your behalf and stop the wage garnishment of levy within 24 hours.

In addition, we must be able to prove to the IRS that you have a viable plan for settling your IRS back taxes. Our dedicated tax attorneys will work with you to construct a viable plan that will not only demonstrate to the IRS that you are addressing your tax problems, but help you avoid future tax dilemmas before they arise!

Take Action To Stop Wage Garnishment Today

By contacting us today to address your IRS collection issues, you are making the first, and most important step in protecting your assets and settling your tax debt. Our experienced tax attorneys are prepared to go to work for you right now to stop wage garnishment immediately, and help you get back on track. Contact our office to learn more on how to stop wage garnishment. We are available for a free consultation today!

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