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Serving Miami, FL business owners with expert resolution strategies for business tax problems, and personalized tax management and accounting solutions to keep their businesses thriving

Launching and growing a business in Miami is hard, but it is especially difficult when you are facing stressful IRS business tax problems. As a business owner struggling with tax debt, you may feel that you are swimming alone in the ocean with tidal waves crashing on top of you. If you are a Miami business struggling to keep your head above water dealing with tax debt, expert business tax resolution in Miami is available for you right now! The business tax attorneys and CPAs of Miami Pure Tax Resolution have successfully consulted hundreds of businesses to settle their tax dilemmas, and construct an ongoing tax consulting and management plan to keep your business healthy and thriving!


Solutions for your Business Tax Problems

Help for Payroll Tax Problems

If you are a Miami, FL business that owes past due payroll taxes to the IRS you will have to repay the initial amount with additional penalties, so it is important to act fast before the issue spirals out of control. Payroll tax problems usually arises when business owners use the money put aside for employee payroll taxes for other expenses, leaving a nasty situation brewing behind the scenes.  If you are experiencing payroll tax problems for your business located in the Miami area, our expert team of tax professionals can help you remove your payroll tax issue and keep your payroll tax obligations in compliance.

Worker Classification Dilemmas – Employee or Independent Contractor?

Independent contractors generally are ideal for business owners as they eliminate the need to issue a W-2 or provide benefits, so it can be tempting to classify workers as contractors instead of employees, even when they should be legally classified as W-2 employees. This problem or oversight is very common, yet the IRS will penalize you in any event. Whether you mistakenly or fraudulently misclassified your workers you must take action immediately or face severe penalties and a stressful business tax audit. Let us help you resolve your classification errors and keep your classification obligations in line.

Resolving Overstated Deductions

Overstating deductions is simply when business owners manipulate their tax returns to show tax deductions that aren't legitimate in the eyes of the IRS. If the IRS suspects that you are overstating your tax deductions they will issue a business tax audit, and instate hefty penalties if they find proof of overstated deductions. Overstating deductions, whether intended or not, is a serious matter that should be addressed immediately.  If you are a Miami area business owner finding yourself dealing with overstated deduction problems, we are available to speak with you today to help you resolve them and stay compliant.


Personalized Tax, Payroll, & Bookkeeping Solutions for Miami Businesses

Yes, we are specialists at settling business tax problems with the IRS when they arise, but what about having an expert tax professional on your side to keep your business tax compliant, and see that every dollar you make goes the maximum distance for your company?  This where Miami Pure Tax stands out from other tax resolution and CPA firms in Dade County.  Not only do we provide legal tax expertise for your business, but our seasoned team of CPAs and Accountants provide ongoing consulting, bookkeeping, and tax management solutions for your business.  Let us manage your financials, payroll, and tax obligations for an affordable fee, so you can focus on growing and maturing your business. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help your Miami business succeed!


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We are a complete resource for Miami and Dade County businesses in need of expert tax resolution and consulting. Our team of CPAs and tax law professionals are ready to assist you and help your business to go the next level. Contact us today for a free business consultation.

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