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Our licensed tax settlement lawyers offer a legal advantage to Miami-area taxpayers in need of IRS debt negotiations

In our years of experience working with Florida taxpayers, we have seen the many hardships involved with owing back taxes and penalties to the IRS. In these scenarios it's important to have legal support, which is why our team of IRS tax attorneys are dedicated to negotiating fair tax relief strategies for Miami taxpayers. If you are a resident and/or business owner of Miami struggling with IRS back taxes, the tax settlement lawyers of Pure Tax Resolution are available to provide the expert relief you need.

The Pure Tax Attorney Advantages:

Privileged Communications

We understand how vulnerable you may feel when dealing with tax debt, which is why finding a trustworthy tax attorney is a crucial step in your road to relief. Our experienced team of IRS tax attorneys offer a level of comfort that you will not find with the faceless tax attorney firms in the Miami-area, because with us, you will always have the peace of mind knowing you have a professional and experienced tax advocate on your side. In addition, we offer an attorney-client privilege that guarantees your personal information remains confidential between you, your attorney, and the IRS.

Expert IRS Debt Negotiations

IRS debt negotiation is one of the most exclusive skills that our tax attorneys exercise on a daily basis. Without it, crucial tax resolution decisions would be in favor of the IRS. At Pure Tax Resolution, our IRS tax attorneys have many years of training and field experience that gives them a full grasp on the ever-changing IRS regulations, and how to apply them in your favor.

Ethics & Customer Service

Considering all of the faceless tax relief firms in Florida, it may be easy to perceive tax attorneys as perhaps "robots".  Along with the extensive in-field experience they possess, the friendly, dedicated tax attorneys at Miami Pure Tax offer something to Miami taxpayers that can't be imitated, and that is the top-notch customer service and transparent communication available when they need us.


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Professionalism and results is what you can expect from our seasoned team of dedicated tax attorneys.  To see how our tax attorney specialties can permanently resolve your IRS problems, contact our office today for a free consultation with our President, Tim Halcomb.

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