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Our goal at Miami Pure Tax Resolution is to offer taxpayers of Miami and Dade County professional IRS tax relief with superior customer service.  Individuals and businesses of Florida facing IRS problems of any kind can now rely on a tax resolution company that puts their customers first.  Our team of licensed Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and CPAs offer personalized IRS debt negotiation and delivers results when our clients need us.   Call us today at (786) 930-4048 to speak directly with myself, and I will ensure your needs will be taken care of today.  We are tax help you can trust!"

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Miami Pure Tax Resolution

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Taxpayers of Miami and all Dade County communities in need of professional IRS back taxes help can count on us. Our team of licensed IRS tax attorneys can pursue any number of convenient and affordable back tax forgiveness solutions for you.

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Tax Attorney Representation

Our team of licensed tax settlement lawyers negotiate with the IRS to secure proven tax relief methods in your favor. Whether an individual or business, our tax attorneys will represent the best interests of Miami taxpayers to settle their tax problems.

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Offshore Tax Reporting

Our expert team of FATCA and FBAR tax attorneys represent Florida residents for all their offshore tax reporting, compliance, and consulting needs. From FBAR and FATCA compliance, to international employment tax matters, we have a solution for you.

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Business Tax Help & Consulting

For Miami-area business owners facing payroll tax issues or business tax problems of any kind, let our team of seasoned CPAs and tax attorneys rectify your business tax problems and construct an ongoing tax management plan to keep your business thriving.

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Miami pure tax resolution

Are you a Dade County taxpayer in need of IRS tax relief?

Is the IRS threatening to seize your assets or wages?

Are you a local business owner struggling with business tax problems?

With the year-round sunshine and diverse culture, Miami, Florida is one of the most desirable American cities to live in. Unfortunately, with the large and diverse population comes many individuals and businesses that have problematic tax debt and penalties. If you are one of the many Miami, FL individual or business owners burdened by IRS tax debt or penalties, professional and reliable tax resolution is available to you.

Stress and frustration comes hand-in-hand when you start getting collection letters from the IRS. The good news? Finding reliable IRS back tax forgiveness in Miami is now the least of your worries. There are a variety of faceless tax resolution firms in the Miami-area, but none can offer the comprehensive and customer-friendly tax relief like Miami Pure Tax. We are well-respected across the great state of Florida for our fair quotes, personalized services, and ability to address domestic and international tax issues with the highest expertise and customer service available.



Our licensed tax settlement lawyers have helped hundreds of Florida individuals and businesses regain their freedom from complicated IRS problems using a variety of proven IRS tax relief methods...

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

Regardless of the nature or origin of your IRS back tax debt, there are 2 things you must understand. First, it's crucial to take action to pursue professional back tax forgiveness, as time is your worst enemy when facing tax debt. And secondly, there is always a solution you can pursue to resolve your back taxes while keeping your assets and wages safe.  Miami Pure Tax is comprised of expert IRS back tax forgiveness attorneys that can find a personalized solution for you to resolve your back taxes for good!


Tax Attorney Representation

The key to properly settling or reducing tax debt is having an experienced tax settlement lawyer on your side to pursue an ideal IRS debt negotiation. Our team of licensed IRS tax attorneys have helped hundreds of Florida individuals and businesses resolve their IRS issues, and can exercise their legal expertise for you as well.


Stop Wage Garnishment & Levys

Probably the most painful IRS problem one can face is seeing their hard-earned assets and wages being seized by the IRS.  Again, time is of the essence when settling IRS debt, so consulting our firm to stop wage garnishment or levies immediately is the first step in protecting your assets and wages, and constructing a viable plan to reduce and settle your back tax debt.


IRS Audit Representation

Audits impact thousands of Florida taxpayers, and many many not know where to turn for expert audit representation. If you are a taxpayer of Miami or any surrounding community facing an IRS audit of any degree, our expert team of tax attorneys and CPAs will represent you to properly navigate your audit, and avoid them in the future.


IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

As time goes on without pursuing tax relief for your IRS debt, you will be tagged with accruing tax penalties and interest that will just make your back tax debt feel more and more insurmountable.  Through our expert tax penalty abatement methods, we can help you reduce and settle tax penalties and interest as a result of back tax debt.


Business Tax Help & Consulting

Miami area business owners have enough to worry about already without having crippling business tax problems hurt their growth.  Whether its payroll filing issues, or any other business tax problem, Miami Pure Tax is here to help local business owners thrive.  Our expert team of tax attorneys and CPAs work directly with our Florida business clients to help them resolve business tax problems, and remain compliant and healthy moving forward.


International Tax Consulting

With the abundance of South Florida residents with international employment or offshore assets, we have adapted our tax law services to fully accommodate those needs.  Our team of international tax attorneys provide complete offshore tax reporting help for Florida residents, and tax filing compliance help for residents with international employment involvement.


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Don't let IRS tax problems control you and your family's well-being, allow our friendly and experienced tax relief professionals provide the help you need, right now!  We are available to construct a personalized tax relief strategy suited to your needs, contact us today for a FREE consultation and expect nothing but a positive experience.

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