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IRS Penalty Abatement for Miami Taxpayers


The IRS is relentless year-round like the Miami heat! If you have IRS back tax debt, it is only the tip of the iceberg, as the IRS will continuously tack on tax penalties as long as your tax debt is outstanding. Unfortunately, this can turn into a domino effect that can spiral out of control.

Tax penalties are incurred to encourage Miami taxpayers to stay on top of their tax returns and file on time. Tax penalties are cumulative, so it's important that you consult professional IRS penalty abatement today!

The IRS can exercise many methods to collect tax penalties, including:

1. Tax Liens

If the IRS issues tax lien against you, you will be legally prevented from selling or disposing any qualifying assets until you settle your tax debt and penalties. Tax liens are known to cause a disruption in job acquisition, buying a home/car, or ability to own investments.

2. IRS Wage Garnishment

The IRS can contact your employer and have them forfeit a fraction of your income to be applied to your tax penalties. Once your wages have been garnished you have no way of getting them back.  Can you afford the embarrassment and financial hardship that comes with the IRS compromising your wages?


Contact Us Today for IRS Penalty Abatement

Miami Pure Tax Resolution has helped many taxpayers across the state of Florida satisfy the IRS' collections and reach a viable settlement through IRS penalty abatement methods. IRS penalty abatement is a powerful solution to your nagging tax penalties, it allows Miami taxpayers relief from the following penalties:

  • Accuracy-related penalties
  • Tax fraud penalties
  • Under-payment of tax penalties
  • Late filing or failure to file taxes penalties
  • Combined penalties

IRS tax penalties will spiral out of control if you do not act upon them ASAP. Miami Pure Tax Resolution will get started on your case right away to employ an effective IRS penalty abatement strategy on your behalf. Contact us today for a FREE consultation (786) 930-4048.