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Professional IRS Back Taxes Settlement of Miami, FL

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IRS back taxes often sneak up on you when you least expect it. Drowning in IRS back tax debt is a harsh reality for both individuals and business owners in Miami but can be settled if you consult the IRS back tax relief specialists at Miami Pure Tax.

The IRS is well-known for being aggressive when it comes to collecting delinquent taxes, although they will cooperate with you IF you can demonstrate that you are serious about resolving the tax debt. Hiring an IRS tax attorney can be very intimidating for a taxpayers not familiar with resolving their IRS back tax problems, but it is vital for a variety of reasons. The dedicated IRS back tax resolution specialists at Miami Pure Tax have helped a number of Florida taxpayers address their IRS tax debt the proper way, and settle it for good.


IRS Back Tax Relief Methods

1. IRS Back Taxes Payment Plans: Full or Partial

Payment plans, or installment agreements, allow you to pay off your IRS back taxes through manageable, monthly installment payments. If you owe less than $25,000 you are eligible for a full payment plan, which satisfies the complete amount of your back tax debt. Although, our Miami tax debt attorneys have experience in acquiring full payment plans for some clients who even owe more than $25,000. Conversely, a partial payment plan is generally the next option if you are not eligible for a full payment plan. Although this plan does not satisfy all of your delinquent tax amount, it certainly allows you to pay off most of it without being harassed by the IRS.

2. Offer in compromise (OIC)

An OIC is the most desirable tax resolution strategy as it allows you to pay off your entire back tax balance for significantly less than you owe. Unfortunately, the IRS rarely grants this provision as they are making an exception for taxpayers with unique situations. If the IRS believes you are more than able to satisfy your back tax obligations, you will not be granted an OIC. Luckily, the qualifying regulations have been recently broadened, so some taxpayers whom normally wouldn't be candidates, may be. Our tax debt attorneys will be able to thoroughly review your case to determine if an OIC is a viable option for you!

3. Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)

A CNC is another desirable option that our IRS back tax resolution specialists have the ability to acquire. This puts a temporary hold on all IRS back tax collections, and it certain cases may become permanent if the proper conditions arise. To be eligible, basically, it must be proved that allocating your income to satisfy your IRS back tax debt would disallow you from paying for essential provisions for you and your family (food, shelter, etc.).


You can rely on us to settle your IRS back taxes

When you have IRS back tax debt it can virtually consume your personal and professional life, creating an ongoing cycle of headaches and stress. The first, and most important step is to TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY to show the IRS you are serious about settling your tax debt. Contact us today and we will immediately begin to shoulder the burden of your IRS back taxes by negotiating with the IRS on your behalf and exercise a qualifying back tax relief strategy that will get you back on track! Free consultations: (786) 930-4048